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Completing a File with 8 Days to Closing

Are you still going to the bank branch for your mortgage? See our recent success story below on how we completed a mortgage with just 8 days to closing. 


Bank Branch Experience:

A client dropped off documents during the last week of December 2018. The credit report and application was not submitted until January 7th. The client's decline was issued January 21st due to new policy changes regarding lines of credit.


Broker Experience:

The client's first interaction with us was January 22nd at 1pm. The client then filled out an online application on January 22nd at 9:30pm. Client income documents were picked up January 23rd at 8:00am from her home. Her approval was issued January 23rd at 11:30am with the appraisal complete on January 24th at 2:00pm. The lawyer instructed and the file was broker complete January 24th at 5:00pm. 


Thank you to Scotia Bank Mortgage Authority and Mississauga Appraisals for getting the job done in just 48 hours!

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