Matt O'Neil

Mortgage Broker

About Matt

License #M14000070 - As president of Connolly Capital Mortgage Solutions, Matthew O'Neil is responsible for the day to day operations of the business and overseeing all new mortgage originations. From a young age, the value of money and its importance were stressed in Matthew's household. His father grew up in a large family, and he would often tell stories of working three jobs to save enough money to pay for his own education. Matthew put this knowledge and experience to use and began doing small landscaping jobs in his neighbourhood at the age of 12. Fast forward 10 years: "O'Neil Lawn Care" grew into a saleable, four-employee company with over 50 weekly lawn care contracts. Matthew completed a Bachelor of Commerce at McMaster University in 2013. He wanted to take his entrepreneurial skill set and apply it to an industry he was interested in. He began by working for RBC Royal Bank as a mortgage specialist. The bank offered Matthew valuable insight and he quickly accelerated and ranked in the top 5 in mortgage volume on his team. He and his father then decided to combine their skills sets and knowledge under Connolly Capital Mortgage Solutions. Matthew feels very fortunate to be able to work directly with clients. "There is no greater satisfaction than seeing a smile on a client's face once their home ownership goal has been reached. I feel this applies to any transaction, whether it is a first purchase or a fifth. Being a mortgage agent energizes and challenges me, and I truly am excited to start each work day."