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The Connolly Capital Cup - 2021

Our annual appreciation golf tournament, held at Trafalgar Golf Course. Post covid, we had 80 attendees and a lot of laughs.

Introduction to Connolly Capital

An introduction to who we are as a company.

Supporting Real Estate Professionals

Supporting real estate agents in an important part of our day to day operations. Using industry experts including underwriters, appraisers and banking support, we are able to ensure efficiency in the home buying process.

COVID19 - Market Update - March 23rd, 2020

During the early stages of #covid19 , here is an update to the Canadian mortgage market. We have seen changes in rates, policy and turn around times as lenders and bank try to accommodate work from home policies.

Real Estate Market Update - 2020

Why is the real estate market off to such a strong start? -Low supply -High demand -Falling interest rates

First-Time Home Buyer Incentive Program

A 1.25 Billion dollar fund over 3 years introduced September of 2019. The aim is to help reduce monthly payments without increasing down payments.

Mortgage Minute - Interim Occupancy vs. Final Registration

With the spring market a busy time for new condo’s, here is an NHL playoff mortgage minute speaking on the differences between interim occupancy and the final closing date when purchasing new construction residences.

Mortgage Minute - Impacts of the federal budget announcement on first time buyers

A new mortgage minute to address the latest news. We were really hoping for a 30 year amortization option on insured mortgages to address affordability and cash flow concerns of younger buyers.

Mortgage Minute - August 2018

The dangers of a quick home closing

Mortgage Minute - July 2018

The Dangers of dealing with 1 or more Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Minute - June 2018

Having a co-signer on a Mortgage Application

Mortgage Minute - April 2018

Risks of buying a pre-construction home

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